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  • Is it better to take the family home or a cash buy-out?

  • How do we divide the family business?

  • What are the tax implications of my decisions?

  • How do we split the pension and retirement savings?

  • How much support do I need or am I entitled?

These along with many others are questions that should be fully explored and planned for before any divorce settlement is signed. Developing a long term forecast for your financial situation is just as important as making sure your immediate family needs are taken care of. We can help you develop a realistic monthly budget during the process of analyzing your current financial picture. Expenses such as life insurance, health insurance, and cost of living increases must also be considered when agreeing on a final financial settlement in your divorce. We can explain financial options, help set priorities and lead you through the hard choices ahead. Professional divorce financial analysis increases the accuracy of financial information so that both parties arrive at workable settlements more quickly and more comfortably accept realistic lifestyle changes when necessary.

Half a Car.png

This is one way to divide 50/50

As a community property state, California mandates that a married couple share a 50/50 ownership in marital property. In addition, each party is entitled to a 50%  share of the marital property. Splitting a car in half in a divorce settlement is obviously not a viable option. However, in many property division settlements, assets that are not as obvious end up divided that would have a similar impact to the future of one or both parties. Dividing marital property in a fair and equitable fashion requires planning and forethought. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst such as myself can help you sort out your options and provide the best scenarios for you. This information will help you by making informed decisions that will have an impact your future.

Divorce Sign Post 1.png
Divorce Sign Post 1.png

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