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Tony Owings CFP® CDFA®


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®


Tony began his financial planning career in 1994 with a well regarded national investment firm, in Sacramento. Over the years, he has worked with many divorced and divorcing clients and has found the process of being able to provide a voice of reason during this difficult  time very rewarding . Awhile back he received a call from a client going through long drawn out divorce. Hearing the details, he did not think that they were offered a fair and reasonable settlement.  He worked with this client and helped them compose an equitable counter offer with strong supporting documentation and rationale. The settlement was accepted by the ex-spouse ending the expensive litigation process. It was this one case in particular that he saw the value that he could provide to divorcing individuals and couples.  He began researching the topic and found the website for the Institute of Divorced Financial Analysts (IDFA). He spent time researching the information on their website and decided this was exactly what he needed to educate himself further on the topic.  He enrolled in IDFA's Divorce Financial Analyst study course to and began the process to prepare himself to sit for the required exams to earn the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® credentials. In addition to the divorce financial training, Tony has also completed training to earn a certificate in mediation so that he can better assist couples in conflict to resolve their issues and come to an agreeable settlement. As an impartial, he helps amicably divorcing couples come to settlement decisions much quicker and more cost effectively than traditional methods. For those who are in a contentious divorce, he can be an advocate helping guide them through their options and to help compose  a fair and equitable settlement offer. Tony is passionate in his mission to help individuals navigate through the many financial decisions that must be made while going through the divorce process He helps them to better understand the implications of those decisions and the impact on their lives after the divorce is settled.

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