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The Litigated Divorce:

Divorce litigation is the option of last resort as it is an often an antagonistic process that relies on the court court resolve the settlement between the divorcing couple. These are usually involve more complex cases where the couple has one or more major disagreements such as property division or child custody issues. Litigation is designed for people who have tried to resolve their issues through mediation or collaboration to no avail. In the cases involving domestic abuse, child abuse, or drug abuse situation: which may make it too difficult for the couple to mediate and negotiate, litigation may be the only option. Traditional litigation can take a long time to resolve and be very costly. The couple is at the mercy of the court for both timing and the results of the settlement.

In this case, the CDFA® Professional can work as an advocate for one side of the divorce along with their attorney. They can assist in the preparation of a financial case to present to the courts for consideration. They can also help the individual with budgeting and financial planning to prepare for post divorce life.

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